Mobile game developper, mobile social games and apps for Android and iOS (English version)

Ever dreamed of becoming your own boss? Want to live in the speed of a start-up, innovate and challenge yourself? You got the coding skills + more of a leader profile? You LOVE THE BLANK PAGE AND ARE NOT SCARED ABOUT IT?  Are you ready to push yourself to unparalleled boundaries? Are you organized, logical and a visionary thinker?  Can  you crack the code in terms of game design /development and game paradigm?  Kido Media Inc wants to develop a social and connected experience for iPhone, iPad, Android platforms and some Web and is looking for its dream developers to work on mobile + Web platforms.

Kido Media Inc is looking for a talented professional to LEAD our mobile efforts in Montreal (or else) working on social games for new platforms (such as iPad, iPhone etc). The  Game Developer is responsible for laying out the player-facing features of the game. You will interact on a daily basis with the designers, artists, and programmers to produce a tightly-integrated final product that is widely recognized for its visual appeal and the quality and depth of gameplay.



  • Has developed games before. Has designed game plays, stress points, etc.
  • A natural feeling for and understanding of good gameplay mechanics.
  • Solid understanding of performance constraints, stress points, level design.
  • Comfortable with UI and doing mockups.
  • Strong eye for detail.
  • Desire to work with new platforms.
  • Passionate about social games.
  • A do-it-all type of person.


  • Familiar & comfortable in a highly iterative development process.
  • Comfortable to lead a team and work with the CEO and the  CTO on the gaming vision.
  • Coachable, personable, reliable, generous, trustworthy and fun to work with :) .

Email us your resume at or ping us @TouiTouiTV